Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008


If everyone likes freebies like me, take a look to the right of your screen and click on the free stuff finder. I Love it. Everyday I click on it and get my free stuff!! If its free its for me!!

More free hairbow instruction websites

http://reviews.ebay.comboutique bow instructions for free

Thursday, January 17, 2008

free Hairbow and Headband instructions
nylon headband instructions
fabric headband instructions
reversible fabric headband instructions
crochet headband instructions
click on where it says forum...this also has instructions on how to make some bows and clips
free bow instructions
free bow instructions
free instructions

There are lots more to come once I find them :) Keep checking back daily!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Losing weight

My new year resolution this year is to lose weight. Yes, it is a touchy touchy issue for me. I can eat healthy because after all, I eat more fruits and vegetables then meat. I am not a meat eater. Every now and then Ill pick up a piece but not too often. I have an issue with taking my pepsis away :( If I go two or more days without one I go crazy! ( Its all in my head, I know )

I have decided to do some daily excercises here at home. I will also use the treadmill once a day. When it warms up, I will go walking everyday!

Starting next week I will have a complete excercise schedule down packed. This week is allowing me to get organized!

Monday, January 14, 2008

FREE hairbow instructions

I have searched high and low on finding FREE instructions on how to make different kinds of hairbows and headbands. I have found two great resources and would like to share them here. I am making hairbows and these two sites have helped me so much. I am now looking for instructions on how to make the full soft headbands and so far only found them on ebay for $8.00. As for the two websites below, they are FREE!!!!! ( click on the forum and sign up. Once you sign up, all the instructions are FREE!! Its free to sign up also ) ( This site has more bows then I dont know who :) and free instructions :)

Low Lifes and Child Support

Why is it so easy for parents to make children then walk right out of their life like nothing ever happened??

My son, Ethan, will be 5 on Valentines Day 2008. He has seen his "dad" wants NOTHING to do with him physically yet he wants to play with with him emotionaly. ( What I mean by that is, is that the dad has court orders has court ordered supervised visitations but has YET TO SHOW UP!) Ethan doesnt know his dad and when I told him he was court ordered to go spend time with his "dad" if he was to ever show up, Ethan went hysterical. He cried for hours!

The state took the "dad" to court for medical exspenses and child support last year for the first time in 5 years! He was ordered to pay child support but didnt have medical insurance on himself so he didnt have to provide any for Ethan. ( Ethan is on my husbands insurance ) We have yet to see a child support payment. I will NEVER see a penny because this is a low life dead beat that I am talking about. He is useless!!

On a MUCH happier note......For the past 3 years, my son has called my now husband his daddy. My husband has done anything and everything for this child. My husband absolutely loves him and is planning on to adopt him as soon as possible!! We are so anxious for the day to come when the judge rids our life of the low life!!

I just wish Kentucky had stricter child support laws!! Maybe one day soon the judge will place something so strict that the idiots will be scared not to pay ( ha ha I know I am wishing )

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cancer in the family

Why can't everyone be treated for a medical condition even if they dont and or cant afford medical insurance???

My mother was diagnosed with face cancer last year. She didnt and still dont have medical insurance. She cant afford to get any right now. Anyways, she went to a doctor. He said that she had cancer in her face and needed some things done to try and get it out. Also, to see if it had spread. He procedes to tell her that he will do the procedure for little money. The only problem was this: He is going to do this procedure without giving my mother paid meds!!!! My mother has little pain tolerance but knew she needed to get this done so she went ahead and had it done. She was in so much pain. I honestly felt that the doctor could have done more for her even if she didnt have insurance.
So she had the procedure done and waited a few months and went back for a check up. The check up was to see if it had come back. Well she went. The doctor said it did come back BUT he also told her that she seems like she might have a tumor and so on. He went on to tell her that since she has no insurance, there is NOTHING he can do. He wouldnt even so much as give her information on where she could possibly turn to to try and get help. What an ass he is if you ask me.
So here she is going around with cancer and no help to have more tests done to see what else is wrong with her. I have done some research but couldnt come up with anything myself. I only wish I could do something for her. If someone that happens to read this knows anything, PLEASE send me a message!

Now....yesterday ( Jan 9 2008 ) my aunt calls and tells us that she was diagnosed with breast cancer! I couldnt help but wonder why cancer is hitting my family hard. She is under going another procedure to have more things taken out and to see if it had spread. She has insurance so luckily she can have done what is needed. I just wish her all the luck and hope these two women can beat the cancer like stories that we hear of others beating it.

I pray for a cure. I also pray for help for those that dont have insurance so they can get what they need done and not have to worry :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Free Juicy Juice sippy cup

Free Beechnut bowl and spoon

Just a few that I found that was worth something. These would be good for those that have lil bitty kids!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Ok, so here it is, Monday morning and I am wide awake! My husband iss off to work and my son is waiting on the bus for school. My daughter is asleep after eating her hearty breakfast earlier then usual.

Over the weekend my duaghter was very fussy and ran a temp off and on. THANKS FOR THE LOVELY TEETHING PROCESS!! She is doing much better this morning though. I have the orajel and tylenol close by in case I need them.

I have been thinking about how I am going to get alot of traffic to my blogs and so on. I would like to be able to make over $1000 in a couple of months. If everyone in the blogging support groups help out, it will be possible.

I will help everyone else out too :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Random Blurts

This blog is dedicated to my very thoughtful randome of thoughts! Whatever happens to be on my mind at that time, I will write about it. I want everyone to share there information as well.