Monday, January 14, 2008

Low Lifes and Child Support

Why is it so easy for parents to make children then walk right out of their life like nothing ever happened??

My son, Ethan, will be 5 on Valentines Day 2008. He has seen his "dad" wants NOTHING to do with him physically yet he wants to play with with him emotionaly. ( What I mean by that is, is that the dad has court orders has court ordered supervised visitations but has YET TO SHOW UP!) Ethan doesnt know his dad and when I told him he was court ordered to go spend time with his "dad" if he was to ever show up, Ethan went hysterical. He cried for hours!

The state took the "dad" to court for medical exspenses and child support last year for the first time in 5 years! He was ordered to pay child support but didnt have medical insurance on himself so he didnt have to provide any for Ethan. ( Ethan is on my husbands insurance ) We have yet to see a child support payment. I will NEVER see a penny because this is a low life dead beat that I am talking about. He is useless!!

On a MUCH happier note......For the past 3 years, my son has called my now husband his daddy. My husband has done anything and everything for this child. My husband absolutely loves him and is planning on to adopt him as soon as possible!! We are so anxious for the day to come when the judge rids our life of the low life!!

I just wish Kentucky had stricter child support laws!! Maybe one day soon the judge will place something so strict that the idiots will be scared not to pay ( ha ha I know I am wishing )

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