Monday, January 7, 2008


Ok, so here it is, Monday morning and I am wide awake! My husband iss off to work and my son is waiting on the bus for school. My daughter is asleep after eating her hearty breakfast earlier then usual.

Over the weekend my duaghter was very fussy and ran a temp off and on. THANKS FOR THE LOVELY TEETHING PROCESS!! She is doing much better this morning though. I have the orajel and tylenol close by in case I need them.

I have been thinking about how I am going to get alot of traffic to my blogs and so on. I would like to be able to make over $1000 in a couple of months. If everyone in the blogging support groups help out, it will be possible.

I will help everyone else out too :)


~Billie~ said...

Teething is the worst! Not only on the little one, but on the Mom as well. ((HUGS)) Hope she get's to feeling better!

isellmineralmakeup said...

Oh teething... yuck!

My son no longer naps for some reason... :( He does go to sleep around 7pm to 7:30pm...