Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cancer in the family

Why can't everyone be treated for a medical condition even if they dont and or cant afford medical insurance???

My mother was diagnosed with face cancer last year. She didnt and still dont have medical insurance. She cant afford to get any right now. Anyways, she went to a doctor. He said that she had cancer in her face and needed some things done to try and get it out. Also, to see if it had spread. He procedes to tell her that he will do the procedure for little money. The only problem was this: He is going to do this procedure without giving my mother paid meds!!!! My mother has little pain tolerance but knew she needed to get this done so she went ahead and had it done. She was in so much pain. I honestly felt that the doctor could have done more for her even if she didnt have insurance.
So she had the procedure done and waited a few months and went back for a check up. The check up was to see if it had come back. Well she went. The doctor said it did come back BUT he also told her that she seems like she might have a tumor and so on. He went on to tell her that since she has no insurance, there is NOTHING he can do. He wouldnt even so much as give her information on where she could possibly turn to to try and get help. What an ass he is if you ask me.
So here she is going around with cancer and no help to have more tests done to see what else is wrong with her. I have done some research but couldnt come up with anything myself. I only wish I could do something for her. If someone that happens to read this knows anything, PLEASE send me a message!

Now....yesterday ( Jan 9 2008 ) my aunt calls and tells us that she was diagnosed with breast cancer! I couldnt help but wonder why cancer is hitting my family hard. She is under going another procedure to have more things taken out and to see if it had spread. She has insurance so luckily she can have done what is needed. I just wish her all the luck and hope these two women can beat the cancer like stories that we hear of others beating it.

I pray for a cure. I also pray for help for those that dont have insurance so they can get what they need done and not have to worry :)